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Pullsh is a tool to help you create and share text with short id between devices.

It is available on Android, pullsh.me, and Chrome Extension.


To save your memo on cloud, we call it "Create a memo" or "Push".

Input your memo in the text area zone, and click "Create".

You will receive a short id in the form of "MeMo".


Then using the Android app, Chrome Extension, or on any devices from pullsh.me website.

Apply that short id to "Read the memo", or "Pull", to get the original memo back, it's case-sensitive.


In addition, You can quickly check your memo content via https://pullsh.me/(memo_id), (e.g. https://pullsh.me/MeMo)

If the memo content is a link, you can add "-" to the memo link.

For example, use https://pullsh.me/LiNk to read the memo, or directly use https://pullsh.me/LiNk- to jump to target page if you know that the memo content is a link.

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